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Bookmobile’s going to start rolling soon! Council gave its preliminary approval to support operations of the Iowa City Public Library’s new bookmobile. Vote was 4-3. This service will expand the full operational capability of the Iowa City Public Library to locations throughout Iowa City. Thank you to all of our excellent ICPL leadership for working hard to make this proposal happen. All of the credit goes to them!!!

The Library heard your voices. While we are fortunate to have such a fabulous downtown facility, many residents expressed concerns about not being able to access our downtown facility due to a variety of reasons, including lack of transportation to downtown. To address that resident input, the ICPL proposed the Bookmobile as an effective option to increase access while keeping costs low. It obviated the need for a new branch library.

While we are proud to support the Iowa City Public Library’s continuing efforts to ensure access for all, we will continue to support the visionary leadership of other dynamic non-profits such as the Antelope Lending Library. Antelope has been a visionary leader promoting bookmobiles, and we look forward to a productive relationship with Antelope to promote love of reading for all of our residents. It’s a great day for the City of Literature!