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This morning I was watching morning sports show Colin Cowherd and he was discussing the Green Bay Packers.  it reminded me that the Packers were the only community owned non-profit football team.  The NFL has now banned community owned football programs, but it did get me thinking.

How cool is that a community non-profit corporation owns the a multi million dollar pro sports team?  Green Bay never has to worry about the Pack leaving.   It is a model that clearly works.  It’s too bad that sports leagues don’t embrace that model.

So often in political arguments we get into arguments because we take an abstraction and try to apply to a concrete hypothetical.  We used deductive reasoning to see whether the model will work or not.

Instead, we use examples that work in reality and argue about whether they would apply to a different domain.  The Packers clearly work in practice.  Would a community based model apply in other contexts?  What elements of a Packers would work in other domains?  The Packer’s effectiveness clearly demonstrates that you don’t need an owner to be successful.   Non-profits work in practice and not just in theory.

So in next political argument, search for existing models that work.  Then and compare and contrast whether that model would work in a new context.

That’s the key.  Use inductive reasoning.  Take the concrete and develop principles from you can observe.  Don’t take abstractions and look for examples to support the abstraction.

That’s it for today.  James Clear would be proud.  Another action to support who I want to become.