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One pet peeve I have with keto critics.  Keto is not for everyone.  It is not perfect diet.  It is also carries some risks, especially for some people.  I also have no dog in the keto fights.  Don’t endorse any products.  I am not selling any classes.  Could care less whether it predominates as a diet.

Here’s the rub.  Critics have to acknowledge that it is extremely effective at getting people out of obesity.  Obesity is extremely risky on multiple fronts.  Most people try it after they have tried everything else.

In my case, as it has for countless others, it has been a godsend, reducing obesity, increasing energy, lowering blood pressure, and normal blood sugar readings.  What am I supposed to do?  Start mowing down bread now and start moving up to 300 again?

Not going to do it.

I really don’t care if people criticize it.  I am not even that keto.  It just strikes me that any critique, whatever those risks may be, must include the benefits of getting out of obesity and the corresponding favorable markers that result from getting lean.

Definitely check with doctor before trying it, but make sure you doc knows something about it.  Most traditional docs don’t know much about nutrition.  I would get a functional medicine md.  Those guys and gals know what they’re talking about.