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The blog offers a deeper dive into some of the topics on the RockneCAST.

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Josh White Show Notes

Josh White Donate to Haitian Community Health Initiative! Book Recommendations Hot, Flat, and Crowded - Thomas Friedman  Travesty in Haiti - Tim Schwartz Tribe - Sebastian Junger Music  Wyclef Jean

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Lynn Begay Show Notes

 Book Recommendations Heartbeat of Wounded Knee The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven Movie Recommendations Smoke Signals Windtalkers  Navajo Culture Books

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Cory Grimm – Haiti Show Notes (Episode 28)

Cory's Music - https://corygrimm.bandzoogle.com/ 1.  Cory's Book Recommendation "Living Mission: The Vision and Voices of the New Friars"  (Edited by Scott A Bessenecker) 2.  Haitian Recipes:  Pikliz (Spicy Coleslaw) – Love for Haitian Food 3.  Griyo aka Griot (Baked...

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Tenure – Whose Windfall Is It?

One really curious aspect of the Iowa Republicans' attack on the institution of tenure.  They act as if it is a windfall to professors. But, have they ever considered that it is a windfall to the state? It is often couched in terms of free speech, and it certainly has...

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A Pet Peeve I Have With Keto Critics

One pet peeve I have with keto critics.  Keto is not for everyone.  It is not perfect diet.  It is also carries some risks, especially for some people.  I also have no dog in the keto fights.  Don't endorse any products.  I am not selling any classes.  Could care less...

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On Jefferson/Market One Way to Two Way Conversion

I was disappointed to see that the City of Iowa City staff has recommended modifying past Council’s decision to convert Jefferson and Market Streets from one way to two ways. At first glance, this seems to be a superficial, unimportant decision, but it is actually a...

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Overreach: A Mutual Problem of Diet Tribes and Politics

As many of you know, I have been diving deep into the intermittent fasting/keto worlds.  I have gotten a kick out of all of the dieting debates.  On one level it is a nice respite from all of the intensity arising in more traditional debates between Republicans and...

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Inductive Reasoning and the Green Bay Packers

This morning I was watching morning sports show Colin Cowherd and he was discussing the Green Bay Packers.  it reminded me that the Packers were the only community owned non-profit football team.  The NFL has now banned community owned football programs, but it did...

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Consider the Semmelweis Reflex in Dieting Debates

One thing that I think is interesting.  It’s when heretical views take on conventional wisdom and turn out to be right.  There is a well established conventional view, something that everyone knows is true.  You have a seeming crank crying in the wilderness making...

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