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The blog offers a deeper dive into some of the topics on the RockneCAST.

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A Mistake People Make on “Fad Diets”

One mistake people make when they dive into any new eating pattern.  They don’t read a learned source in its entirety prior to getting started.  This can lead to some very bad and potentially dangerous outcomes. So before you change your diet, stick with whatever...

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Gary Taubes – Keto’s Rocky Balboa

Have to admit.  I have a mancrush on Gary Taubes.  Nearly 20 years ago, he walked right up to dieting conventional wisdom and punched it right in the mouth with his New York Times article What It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie?  In that article, he questioned whether the...

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A Question for Anti-Keto Diet Experts

A friend of mine recently pointed out that Keto ranked near bottom for expert diet recommendations by US News. I didn’t have time to respond in depth, but it got me thinking.   Critics of Keto, what’s your alternative to get people out of obesity in the real world?  I...

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The Un-Philosopher of Reality – Nassim Taleb

I was going to call Nassim Taleb my favorite philosopher, but it occurred to me that would have been kind of dumb because he is skeptical of any universal claims to truth or any overarching philosophical system describing reality.  He is more concerned with what we...

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The Simple Beauty of Fasting

  One of intermittent fasting’s greatest virtues is its simplicity.  There are a lot of different diets floating around: Keto, Carnivore, Vegan, Pescatarian, Mediterranean, Atkins, Paleo.  It is extremely confusing sorting through all of the MD’s in each camp...

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A Short Commercial Interruption

About 10 years ago, we really wanted to get a Jotul wood stove.  They are really cool, but expensive.  You also have to get pipe, place for wood, spark guards.  When we added it up, it would have cost about $4,000.00. Glad we discovered these electric stoves.  They...

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For 2021, Consider Removing One Anti-Keystone Habit

  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  For matter there is anti-matter.  And for keystone habits, there are anti-keystone habits.  As part of your 2021 planning, you should remove anti-keystone habit, the bad one that adversely affects so...

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Will Karl Popper “Pop” My Fasting Bubble?

Some of you may be thinking that I’ve been a little too exuberant on fasting.   What if it turns out not to be true?   To answer that question, I am going to explore the nature of beliefs, how we determines things to be true, and best antidote to excessive confidence...

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Jurgen Habermas Helps Us Avoid Freaking Out About “Fasting”

One of the biggest obstacles to fasting is not the science, the health benefits, or the weight loss. It's the word “fasting.” It just makes people freak out.  You say “fasting” and people hear “fad,” or “starvation” or “hunger” or "pain" or “eating disorder” or...

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