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The blog offers a deeper dive into some of the topics on the RockneCAST.

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John Thomas Show Notes (April 24, 2021)

  Strong Towns - A Bottom Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity Death and Life of the Great American City - Jane Jacobs  Power Broker - Robert Caro Suburban Nation - The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream - Andres Duany, Elizabeth...

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Josh White Show Notes

Josh White Donate to Haitian Community Health Initiative! Book Recommendations Hot, Flat, and Crowded - Thomas Friedman  Travesty in Haiti - Tim Schwartz Tribe - Sebastian Junger Music  Wyclef Jean

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Lynn Begay Show Notes

 Book Recommendations Heartbeat of Wounded Knee The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven Movie Recommendations Smoke Signals Windtalkers  Navajo Culture Books

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Cory Grimm – Haiti Show Notes (Episode 28)

Cory's Music - https://corygrimm.bandzoogle.com/ 1.  Cory's Book Recommendation "Living Mission: The Vision and Voices of the New Friars"  (Edited by Scott A Bessenecker) 2.  Haitian Recipes:  Pikliz (Spicy Coleslaw) – Love for Haitian Food 3.  Griyo aka Griot (Baked...

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Tenure – Whose Windfall Is It?

One really curious aspect of the Iowa Republicans' attack on the institution of tenure.  They act as if it is a windfall to professors. But, have they ever considered that it is a windfall to the state? It is often couched in terms of free speech, and it certainly has...

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