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Will Karl Popper “Pop” My Fasting Bubble?

Some of you may be thinking that I’ve been a little too exuberant on fasting.   What if it turns out not to be true?   To answer that question, I am going to explore the nature of beliefs, how we determines things to be true, and best antidote to excessive confidence...

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Jurgen Habermas Helps Us Avoid Freaking Out About “Fasting”

One of the biggest obstacles to fasting is not the science, the health benefits, or the weight loss. It's the word “fasting.” It just makes people freak out.  You say “fasting” and people hear “fad,” or “starvation” or “hunger” or "pain" or “eating disorder” or...

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Fast from Your Fast: It’s All About the Balance Baby!!

One of the most inane critiques of fasting is that you will be constantly hangry, emotionally groggy, and withdraw from all social activity as you sit isolated in your corner munching on your rice cakes while longing for food like Oliver Twist.  For example, in an...

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Fast, Remove Sugar, Lose Weight, and Get Healthy

  One of the perils of sharing any diet journey or any personal experience for that matter... If it worked for me, will it work for you? We all share a lot in common as humans, but evolution has made us variable too. Penicillin saves lives, but can also take it...

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Stop Eating Like Homer Simpson

If you have been reading my blog posts, you know that I am now pretty much Keto (“ish”) and generally embrace the high natural fats/low carb ethos embraced by writers like Gary Taubes or Chris Kresser.  The Diet Wars are actually kind of entertaining.  Just watch the...

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Um … Wait.  Christians Opposed Christmas?

We watched an awesome movie called The Man Who Invented Christmas, about Charles Dickens’ creation of the Christmas Carol. We all know about Dickens and Christmas Carol, but that title really struck me.  The man who “invented” Christmas?   Um what?  Dickens invented...

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