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Um … Wait.  Christians Opposed Christmas?

We watched an awesome movie called The Man Who Invented Christmas, about Charles Dickens’ creation of the Christmas Carol. We all know about Dickens and Christmas Carol, but that title really struck me.  The man who “invented” Christmas?   Um what?  Dickens invented...

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It’s a Wonderful Life and Power of Negative Thinking

You know the scene that I am talking about.  It’s everyone’s favorite scene. After Clarence the angel shows George Bailey what Bedford Falls would have looked like without him, George realizes how much he appreciates everything that he has and euphorically runs...

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The Stoic Response to Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

Here’s the knock on any philosophy or any religion for that matter.   Is it really true?  Does it really explain reality to such an extent that some good will accrue by my embrace of that belief?  And even if that good does accrue, will that good be sustainable over...

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Is Sugar the New Tobacco?

I already know what you’re thinking.  Rockne, c’mon man!  Isn’t this just a little rhetorical excess just to get click bait on your blog, a form of rhetorical sugar to induce people to read and induce a temporary high by clicking?   Are you really saying that eating...

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My Update from the Diet Wars Frontline

  There is a great battle of ideas going on right now on the diet wars. Questions abound.  Carbs good? Carbs bad? Fat good? Fat bad? If good, which type good? Fasting good? Fasting bad?  Bread good?  Bread bad? Worst yet, these battles are happening amidst...

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A Postscript to Black Holes and “Schwarzschild”

Given the minute numbers who actually read yesterday’s post, it appears the world is not exactly waiting with gleeful anticipation for the musical about the life, times, and pathos of the great mathematician Karl Schwarzschild. Well, people, Schwarzschild may not blow...

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Why Aren’t There More Mathematical Rock Stars?

  We all know these people: Michael Jordan, John Lennon, Chris Rock, Dolly Parton, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela.  These are people that are in the top of their fields.  They are the best of the best.  Not only have they achieved great things that you and I can’t...

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