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In the months leading up to the November 2015 City Council election, I heard from many residents who shared their hopes for how we could improve our community. Below are some of the comments shared by those who supported the platform I ran on. As themes emerged, I purposed to bring these to the forefront of my work on the City Council. Now as a Council Member, I hope to serve all those in our community as we work together toward common goals.

“While I know Rockne is certainly not anti-development, I’m equally certain that he’s passionate about responsible, considerate growth. I count on Rockne to keep Iowa City beautiful, functional, safe and a welcoming home to our vivacious and thriving creative community.” ~ William R Ingles

“[Rockne]… is one of the sunniest and nicest guys in town. I worked with Cole at his law firm for two years after I first moved to Iowa City. I have seen him defend the rights of immigrants, fight to ensure that city codes are properly enforced and gracefully handle cases where the court appointed him to represent criminal defendants. At every step of the way, he was unfailingly warm and collegial to his opponents as well as his allies. I’ve seen him mentor students at the university and welcome newcomers to town with that same warmth. It’s not for nothing he’s the guy with the sunflower on his yard signs. I look forward to seeing his positive attitude on the city council.” ~ Bram Elias

“I support Rockne Cole for Iowa City Council. I have been friends with him and his wife, Mara, for 15 years. He is a tireless advocate for people in the community who are marginalized. He also cares about sustainable and equitable development and inclusive, affordable neighborhoods. He recognizes that Iowa City is more than a place to run a business and make money. It is a place to raise a family and share community with a diverse group of people. That is what makes Iowa City great after all. It isn’t just the university and downtown; it is all of the city, every person who lives here.” ~ Sara Riggs

“[Rockne has] the vision and skills to tackle the complex challenges of economic development with a vision of sustainability, livability, and justice in our communities planning. This includes responding to a number of current challenges while considering the avoidance and mitigation of perhaps even larger challenges on the horizon.” ~ Jeff Biggers via Huffington Post

“He is looking for new ideas beyond some of the things the community has been thinking about. His vision is very positive. There’s this notion that a progressive candidate would be anti-business and I don’t think that’s true. That’s kind of a false dichotomy. He wants to see all variety of people thrive.” ~ Karen Nichols

Rockne Cole is one man who stands up for what is right – and has the intelligence and experience to make it so. Simple. Proud moment when Liberals and Libertarians can stand behind the same candidate. Vote Rockne Cole for Iowa City Council now through November 3rd, and support allied critical thinkers James Throgmorton and John Thomas.” ~ Grant Schultz

“As a progressive and friend of Rockne Cole, I am proud to support his candidacy and feel out community needs Rockne’s voice on the council as well as his intellectual and creative energy to move things in a positive direction in our community.” ~ Tom Lindsey

“A kinder person you’ll never meet — a compassionate listener who is considerate to those who may disagree with him. Rarely will you see him without a smile on his face, even while he is respectfully debating with you on the issues. Rockne would be an excellent addition to the City Council, bringing new ideas and a broad vision, adding another progressive voice to the mix. We need a Council that more accurately reflects the views of our politically diverse population.” ~ Karen Nichols (via Facebook)

“Rockne is a longtime expert in urban planning, health care, and civil rights. He has always been in the forefront in making sure we thrive as a city, and now it’s time to bring that valuable community work into the City Council chambers. This is the first time in nearly a half century that will have a real impact on the city.” ~ Jeff Biggers

“I believe we need a balance of public-interest progressives as well as business-minded conservatives that will effectively work together to solve some of the pressing issues that our community is struggling with. Rockne Cole strikes me as someone who will take the initiative to reach out and sincerely work with others to find collaborative solutions. He’s demonstrated that by reaching out to me. So, that’s why at this time around, I’m supporting Rockne Cole for City Council. I’d encourage you to consider what you can do to create a City Council that is as diverse as our community, and offers broader representation for all our community members.” ~ Greg Johnson