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I love Iowa City! Iowa City is a special place with its historic neighborhoods and neighborhood schools, bike trails and beautiful walks, the incredible culture of arts and literature, storied past and robust economic growth. The long term growth of our community depends on the continued harmony of all these factors. We cannot let short term economic fixes disrupt our neighborhoods, or benefit the few while making hard working taxpayers foot the bill.


As a recent member of the City Council, I am committed to preserving Iowa City’s vibrant mosaic without destroying our cherished places, or leaving some members of our community on the outside looking in. I am serving on the City Council because I want every resident in our community to have an advocate in our council.

Your voice matters! I look forward to listening to your concerns. Together, we can put Iowa City on the progressive path to inclusive economic growth, preservation of our vibrant diverse historic neighborhoods, and full participation where every resident can live, work and grow!